Please note that the following prices are quoted in PLN and price list is merely an information function and do not understand it in the category of offer.


Services Price
Medical examination including medical advice 50
Implanto-prosthetic consultation 80
Adaptative Visit of a child 50
Anesthesia for surgery for the price of a
Removing Tartar ultrasonically 120
Sandblasting + polishing 120
Dental jewelry SWAROVSKI with the premise 200
Happy air of anxiety/suppression of nitrogen and oxygen/-for 30 min 100
Pharmacological sedation drug/calming 20



Services Price
Point X-ray 20-30
Medicinal dressing 50
Roots devitalisation ("intoxication") + dressing 50
Developping and filling 1 channel 150-300
The development of obliterated
channel (reendo)
Developping and filling 1 channel using a microscope 200-400
Removing  broken tools of the root canal (the use of the microscope) 250-300



Services Price
Milk tooth  light-colored filling-80-120
Milk tooth Filling with glasionomer-80
Permanent tooth on 1 surface  Light-filling-120
A tooth on  2 surfaces  Light-filling-150
A tooth on 3 surfaces  light-filling-180
Reconstruction and aesthetic cover of the tooth  Light-filling-200




Services Price
 Lacque coating (1 bow) 50
Lacquering of 1 tooth deciduous tooth (sealing grooves) 60
Contact Fluorization 1 arch 50
Lacquering of 1 of tooth (sealing grooves) 60
Contact Fluorization 1 arch 50
Skaling 120
Relaxation splint 300



Services Price
Consultation 50
Acrylic prosthesis 750
Backbone prosthesis 1350
Partial denture acrylic (above 8 teeth) 600
Partial denture acrylic (5-8 teeth) 500
Partial denture acrylic (1-4 teeth) 300
Temporary Crown (made in the Studio) 150
Composite Crown (made in the Studio) 450
Zirconium Crown 1200
Crown porcelain on metal 650
Crown pełnoceramiczna 1000
Temporary prosthesis 150-300
Inlay/onlay 650
Inlay/onlay composite 600
Framework under the Inlay/onlay, glass fibre 200
Coronary-root insert 200-300
Denture relining material for soft acrylic 150-250
Adhesive bridge 650
 rail (relaxing) 300
Porcelain Crown on gold 500 + gold
The insert of fiberglass 150
Brick, porcelain 1000
Denture repair point 80
Reconstruction and aesthetic cover tooth (Enamel material) 150-200
The prosthetic Crown on implant: from 1300
Prosthetic point at implant work  (span) from 600
Acrylic prosthesis on implants 2500-3000



Services Price
Classification/Diagnosis/Treatment Plan
Qualification for the treatment /consultation/ 50
The initial treatment phase, hygienization
Scaling + RootPlaning 250
Treatment (included in the price of treatments-anesthesia, sewing and periontodologic  dressing (Peripac or CoePack)
Closed Kiretage (scaling deep)-one tooth 60
Operation Blade (CWN) + osteoplastics 1 to 3  teeth 650
Operation Blade (CWN) + osteoplastics -4-6 teeth 850
Operation Blade (CWN) + osteoplastics + controlled regeneration of bone-from 1 to 3 teeth 750 + bone replacement materials and membranes of the sluice-gate
Operation Blade (CWN) + osteoplastics + controlled regeneration of bone-from 4 to 6 teeth 950 + bone replacement materials and membranes of the sluice-gate
Other surgical procedures
Plastic surgery of the frenulum 300
Extension of the clinical Crown of a tooth 400
Deepening of the Atrium 700
Deepening of the Atrium transplantation of the palate 1100
Cover of the recession the price shall be determined on an individual basis
Teeth splinting rail with fiberglass  100 for a tooth in the rail
Correction of short circuit (removal of nodes, trauma)  100 for each stage
Follow-up of the maintenance phase (recall)-the patient is required to report in a specified time interval to control tests including
Check determination of BOP, API-every 3 months for inflammations of aggressive and every 6 months for chronic inflammations 100
Check determination of BOP, API and measurement of the depth of the pockets-once every 12 months 200
Consultation in case of exacerbation of the disease 100



Services Price
X-ray 20-30
Panoramic photo 70
Implantologic consultation 80
Insert of one titanium implant 2000
Insert of 2 or 3 titanium implants 1850
Insert of 4-5 titanium implants 1800
inserting more than 5 implants 1700
Full ceramic crown (zirconium + porcelain) regardless of the implantological system 1200
White zirconia implant itself on connector 1500
healing bolts (regardless of the implantologic system) 200
ceramic-to-metal Crown (regardless of the implantologic system) 600
inserting a titanium implant (regardless of quantity) Swiss STRAUMANN 3000
Titanium connector on the implant: 700
Titanium connector on the implant: STRAUMANN 1000
The Crown which is the span of the bridge (metal + porcelain) 600 zł regardless of implant system
The Crown which is the span of the bridge (zirconium + porcelain) 1200 zł regardless of implant system
White zirconia connector on the implant: STRAUMANN 1200
Removal of stitches after surgery 0
alveolar bone regeneration with biomaterials 1100-2500
bone implants of chin and molar triangle 1700-2500
maxillary bottom elevation (depending on the materials used) 1500-1800



Services Price
Consultation with a specialist maxillo-facial surgeon 80
Implanto-prosthetic consultation 80
Extraction of the milk tooth 50-100
Extraction of one premolar root- (one, two, three) 100
Extraction of premolar tooth (four, five) 150
Extraction of molar-(six, seven) 150-200
Extraction of the wisdom tooth 200-350
Extraction of the tooth partially retained 200-300
Surgical extraction of a tooth completely retained 300-400
Supply of alveolus stitching 50
Hemisection 350
Plastic surgery of the frenulum lip, cheek, tongue,/laser, Diathermy, classic/ 300
Abscess incision 50
Apicectomy 350
Radectomia 350
Reverse, surgical channel fill 100
Treatment of changes in the Mucosa 50