I am a graduate at I LO im. Mikołaj Kopernik in Łódź

I studied Dentistry in the Academy of Medicine in Łódź and in the University of Giessen in Germany. While learning I have developed  individual program of studies and it allowed me an intense scientific development, which resulted in numerous awards at conferences. In 2001, I graduated with more than a good result in Dental Branch Faculty of the Medical Academy in Łódź. After graduation, I worked in a Dental Development Age Medical University in Łódź. I am the author and co-author of articles published in scientific journals.

In 2006 I passed with honors major examination of Dental Age Development.

In 2012 I passed with honors Ph.MD thesis  entitled "Review of the effectiveness of treatment of traumatic cases of permanent teeth in children and adolescents", the promotor of this thesis was Mrs. Prof. dr HAB. n. med. Magdalena Wochna Sobańska.

I am a member of scientific societies:

IADT (International Associaton of Dental Traumatology),

Ptsd (Polish Society Of Pediatric Dentistry)

PTS (Polish  Dentistry Society).

Dentistry is for me a fascinating, very fast growing  field.

Thanks to participation in numerous training courses and conferences (among others in leading centers in USA, Germany, Switzerland) I can also develop continuously myknowledge.

I am an empathic person, I really liketo workwith patients.

Outside of workI likethe company of my gentle dog.

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